The cross section a rectangular TBM cuts is rectangular of which merits are maximum face utilization, shallow overburden and low costs in construction. This machine is mainly employed for construction of urban pedestrian and traffic underpasses and underground utilities ducts.


Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Avenue Undercrossing Tunnel Project

TBMs CREC-87 and CREC-88 are deployed to bore the tunnels under Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Avenue. The size of TBM CREC-87 is 7.52m x 5.42m. With dimensions being 10.12m x 7.27m, TBM CREC-88 is the world's largest rectangular TBM and was rolled off the assembly line in Zhengzhou China on 13 December 2013. The project is broken through on 26 September 2014, and the success of this project provides a new solution to the urban traffic tunnelling for China and the world.

Rectangular TBM

Box jacking