CREG, relying on China State Key Laboratory of Shield Machine and Boring Technology and Henan Provincial Technology Research Centre of Complete Shield Equipment Engineering, has participated in five subjects funded by China National 863 Program and is the only enterprise involved in the ongoing scientific topic "Research on TBM Problems" sponsored by China National Basic Research Program (also called 973 Program). CREG was listed in Top 10 Innovation Method Demonstration Enterprises of Henan Province, and Top 50 Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises supported by provincial government. CREG was also awarded the Grade-One Level Qualification in Full-face TBM Manufacturing in 2013.

CREG has over 200 scientific and technical specialists with 50% holding master’s degree or above. There are 11 professional departments under Central Research and Design Institute, covering all aspects of TBM, shaft boring, pipe jacking, piling and mining machinery to provide optimum design and technical support.

Thanks to the Research on National Important Issues and the National Sci-Tech Innovation Projects, CREG broke the monopoly on TBMs after years of joint research and now the technical performance of its product has reached to international standards.


CREG highlights product quality and has developed a stringent quality assurance/control system (QA/QC) in which customers are focused, and benefits pursued through quality control. CREG actively carries on standardized production with proven quality control system. CREG has fully passed Quality and HSE certification.