Mainly used in hard and soft rocks with certain self-stability.

With two driving modes, namely double shield tunnelling mode and single tunnelling mode.

Outstanding features of our machines include:

  • Cutter head adjustable in the shield
  • Variable overcut
  • Selection of mechanical or vacuum-operated erector segment pickup systems
  • Flexible overall concepts with segment transport and back-up systems

Guadarrama Project in Spain

Lying 50 kilometres to Madrid Spain and crossing Guadarrama Mountains, the Guadarrama Tunnel is part of one high speed rail line on Spanish new high-speed rail network scheme. This tunnel is 28.38km long and designed as two parallel lines, with I.D. of 8.5m and centre-to-centre distance 30m. A telescopic hard rock TBM with 9.46m diameter is employed in this project. The maximum overburden hereof is 1000m, main formation lithology is featured by granites and compressive strength is 250MPa.


Highland Water Diversion Tunnel Project in Lesotho

Lesotho Highland Water Diversion Tunnel Project is one of the world's largest and most complex projects. This project is to carry the abundant water resources in the Kingdom of Lesotho to Gauteng Province which is South Africa's most important industrial province. Gauteng is South Africa's industrial and economic centre and mainly engaged in mining. At this project, full-face TBMs with diameter of 5.39m were employed for boring two tunnels of 8.15km and 11km respectively.


Double Shield TBM