WIRTH TBM features

  • Experience with hard rock since 1960
  • Slots in front of cutter head to enhance muck flow, reduces cutter costs
  • Simple and fast enlargement of boring diameter by 40-60 mm with spacers for cutter saddles in gauge area, without restrictions of rock cutting process
  • Fast over-cut for short distances with hydraulically actuated reamer cutter and extended scraper, with some restrictions of rock cutting process
  • Over cut for long distance possible by rebuilding of gauge cutter, scrapers and buckets, without restrictions of rock cutting process
  • Non linear type arrangement of cutter mounts assures balanced head with reduced vibrations. Linear or cross type cutter arrangement leads to high impact loads on cutters and cutter head construction.
  • No steering adjustments of TBM required during boring stroke, therefore no extra loads of gauge cutters, three gage cutters are sufficient
  • Circular saddle housing for back loaded cutter prevent peak of stress, thus preventing early cracks in the cutter head structure
  • Smooth cutter head front reduces risk of cutter head/TBM getting stuck in blocky ground

Cutters features

  • Simple back-loaded design, development since 1980only pressure (no tension) is transmitted
  • Experience in rock with up to 500MPa Unconfined Compressive Strength
  • Rapid cutter change, only 4 bolts to be removed Assembly mechanism from inside cutter head, no manual lifting
  • Cutter change simultaneously in 3 positions possible
  • Cutter-Transport/handling system into/inside cutterhead
  • Cutter spacing can be designed according rock mass, spacing ranging from 65 to 85mm
  • Consultancy on TBM operation for optimized cutter costs